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 2010 Award Winners

  Feature films  

  • Fantastic Mr. Fox
    The Cristal for best feature
    Audience Award

    Fantastic Mr. Fox

    Director: Wes ANDERSON

    Country: USA

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  • Kerity la Maison des contes
    Special Distinction

    Kerity la Maison des contes

    Director: Dominique MONFÉRY

    Country: France, Italy

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  Short films  

  • Don't Go
    Special Distinction ex æquo
    Junior Jury Award for a short film

    Don't Go

    Director: Turgut AKACIK

    Country: Turkey

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  • Fröken märkvärdig & karriären
    Fipresci Award

    Fröken märkvärdig & karriären

    Director: Joanna RUBIN DRANGER

    Country: Sweden, Ireland, Denmark

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  • Jean-François
    "Jean-Luc Xiberras" Award for a first film


    Director: Tom HAUGOMAT, Bruno MANGYOKU

    Country: France

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  • Les Journaux de Lipsett
    Special Distinction ex æquo

    Les Journaux de Lipsett

    Director: Theodore USHEV

    Country: Canada

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  • Love & Theft
    Sacem Award for original music

    Love & Theft

    Director: Andreas HYKADE

    Country: Germany

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  • Sinna mann
    Special Jury Award
    Audience Award
    Unicef Award

    Sinna mann

    Director: Anita KILLI

    Country: Norway

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  • The Lost Thing
    The Annecy Cristal

    The Lost Thing

    Director: Andrew RUHEMANN, Shaun TAN

    Country: Australia, United Kingdom

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  Graduation Films  

  • Je te pardonne
    "CANAL+ creative aid" Award for a short film

    Je te pardonne

    Director: Pierre MOUSQUET, Jérôme CAUWE

    Country: Belgium

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  • Kungfu Bunny 3 - Counterattack
    Junior Jury Award for a graduation film

    Kungfu Bunny 3 - Counterattack

    Director: Li ZHIYONG

    Country: China

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  • Lebensader
    Special Distinction


    Director: Angela STEFFEN

    Country: Germany

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  • Sauvage
    Special Jury Award


    Director: Paul CABON

    Country: France

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  • The Lighthouse Keeper
    Award for best graduation film

    The Lighthouse Keeper

    Director: David FRANÇOIS, Rony HOTIN, Jérémie MOREAU, Baptiste ROGRON, Gaëlle THIERRY, Maïlys VALLADE

    Country: France

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  TV films  

  • Der Kleine und das Biest
    The Cristal for best TV production

    Der Kleine und das Biest

    Director: Johannes WEILAND, Uwe HEIDSCHÖTTER

    Country: Germany

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  • Dragons et Princesses "Le garçon qui ne mentait jamais"
    Special Award for a TV series

    Dragons et Princesses "Le garçon qui ne mentait jamais"

    Director: Michel OCELOT

    Country: France

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  • The Gruffalo
    Award for best TV special

    The Gruffalo

    Director: Jakob SCHUH, Max LANG

    Country: United Kingdom

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  Commissioned Films  

  • Giallo a Milano
    Educational, scientific or industrial film Award

    Giallo a Milano

    Director: Sergio BASSO

    Country: Italy

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  • Sour "Hibi No Neiro"
    Award for best music video

    Sour "Hibi No Neiro"

    Director: Masashi KAWAMURA, Hal KIRKLAND, Magico NAKAMURA, Masayoshi NAKAMURA

    Country: Japan, USA

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