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 2004 Award Winners

  Feature films  

  • Oseam
    The Cristal for best feature


    Director: Baek-yeop SUNG

    Country: South Korea

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  Short films  

  • Birthday Boy
    "Jean-Luc Xiberras" Award for a first film

    Birthday Boy

    Director: Sejong PARK

    Country: Australia

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  TV specials  

  • Bosom Pals “Joan’s Birthday”
    Award for best TV special

    Bosom Pals “Joan’s Birthday”

    Director: Ginger GIBBONS

    Country: United Kingdom

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  TV series  

  • Creature Comforts “Cats or Dogs?”
    The Annecy Cristal for a TV production

    Creature Comforts “Cats or Dogs?”

    Director: Richard GOLESZOWSKI

    Country: United Kingdom

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  Short films  

  • Gjennom mine tykke briller
    Special Distinction

    Gjennom mine tykke briller

    Director: Pjotr SAPEGIN

    Country: Norway, Canada

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  • Hello
    Fipresci Award


    Director: Jonathan NIX

    Country: Australia

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  • L'Inventaire fantôme
    "CANAL J" Award for a short film

    L'Inventaire fantôme

    Director: Franck DION

    Country: France

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  • La Révolution des crabes
    Audience Award

    La Révolution des crabes

    Director: Arthur DE PINS

    Country: France

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  • Lorenzo
    The Annecy Cristal


    Director: Mike GABRIEL

    Country: USA

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  • Ryan
    Special Jury Award


    Director: Chris LANDRETH

    Country: Canada

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  TV series  

  • The Delta State "Épisode 4"
    Special Award for a TV series

    The Delta State "Épisode 4"

    Director: Pascal DAVID

    Country: France

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  Advertising films  

  • Caisse d’Épargne “Les triplés”
    Advertising or promotional film Award

    Caisse d’Épargne “Les triplés”

    Director: SOANDSAU

    Country: France

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  Educational, scientific or industrial films  

  • Daughter, a Story of Incest
    Educational, scientific or industrial film Award
    Unicef Award

    Daughter, a Story of Incest

    Director: Oscar PEREZ JR, Monica RAY, Paw Charlie RAVN

    Country: Denmark, Philippines

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  Music video  

  • Deewana
    Award for best music video


    Director: Benaifer MALLIK, Rajiv RAJAMANI

    Country: India

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  Graduation Films  

  • Allerleirauh
    Award for best school or graduation film


    Director: Anja STRUCK

    Country: Germany

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  • Dahucapra Rupidahu
    Special Jury Award for a school or graduation film

    Dahucapra Rupidahu

    Director: Frédérique GYURAN, Vincent GAUTIER, Thibault BERARD

    Country: France

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  • No Limits
    The International Labour Organisation Award

    No Limits

    Director: Heidi WITTLINGER, Anja PERL

    Country: Germany

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  • Poor God
    Special Distinction for a school or graduation film

    Poor God

    Director: Matthew ABBISS

    Country: United Kingdom

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  Short films for Internet  

  • Il branco
    Award for best internet short

    Il branco

    Director: Stefano BUONAMICO

    Country: Italy

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  • The Meatrix
    Net surfers' Award

    The Meatrix

    Director: Louis FOX

    Country: USA

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  Series for Internet  

  • Olaf et Korpatas “Cansone”
    Award for best internet series

    Olaf et Korpatas “Cansone”

    Director: Olivier NICOLAS

    Country: France

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