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 2002 Award Winners

  Feature films  

  • Mari Iyagi
    Grand Prix for best feature film

    Mari Iyagi

    Director: Sung-gang LEE

    Country: South Korea

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  Short films  

  • Barcode
    Grand Prix for best short film


    Director: Adriaan LOKMAN

    Country: Netherlands

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  • Bookashky
    Audience Award


    Director: Mikhail ALDASHIN

    Country: Russia

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  • Flux
    Special Distinction for the boldness of its animation and design for its humour
    Fipresci Award


    Director: Christopher HINTON

    Country: Canada

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  TV specials  

  • Hamilton Mattress
    Grand Prix for best TV animation programme

    Hamilton Mattress

    Director: Barry J. C. PURVES

    Country: United Kingdom

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  Short films  

  • Home Road Movies
    Special Jury Award

    Home Road Movies

    Director: Robert BRADBROOK

    Country: United Kingdom

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  • La funambola
    Special Mention for its artistic qualities

    La funambola

    Director: Roberto CATANI

    Country: Italy

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  • Le papillon
    "CANAL J" Junior jury Award for a short

    Le papillon

    Director: Antoine ANTIN, Jenny RAKOTOMAMONJY

    Country: France

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  • Looking for Horses
    Special Distinction for the quality of emotion and the skill of the direction

    Looking for Horses

    Director: Anthony LAWRENCE

    Country: Australia

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  • Roof Sex
    "Jean-Luc Xiberras " Award for a first film

    Roof Sex

    Director: PES

    Country: USA

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  TV series  

  • Samurai Jack "Episode 7"
    Special Award for a TV series

    Samurai Jack "Episode 7"

    Director: Genndy TARTAKOVSKY

    Country: USA

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  • Timoon and the Narwhal
    Special Distinction for a TV series

    Timoon and the Narwhal

    Director: Natalia ORLOVA

    Country: Russia, United Kingdom, Canada

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  Short films  

  • Tornehekken
    Unicef Award


    Director: Anita KILLI

    Country: Norway

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  TV specials  

  • War Game
    Award for best TV special

    War Game

    Director: Dave UNWIN

    Country: United Kingdom

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  Advertising films  

  • Brahma “Vingança”
    Advertising or promotional film Award

    Brahma “Vingança”

    Director: Sergio AMON, Alceu BAPTISTAO

    Country: Brazil

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  Animated sequences  

  • British Animation Awards 2002
    Award for best animated sequence

    British Animation Awards 2002

    Director: GROUP WORK

    Country: United Kingdom

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  Educational, scientific or industrial films  

  • Tom's Toilet Triumph
    Educational, scientific or industrial film Award

    Tom's Toilet Triumph

    Director: Greg HOLFELD

    Country: Australia

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  • Yoko! Jakamoto! Toto! "The Fly"
    Award for a pilot or TV special

    Yoko! Jakamoto! Toto! "The Fly"

    Director: Tony COLLINGWOOD

    Country: United Kingdom

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  Graduation Films  

  • Das Rad
    Award for best school or graduation film

    Das Rad

    Director: Heidi WITTLINGER, Christian STENNER, Arvid UIBEL

    Country: Germany

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  • Histoire de Cesaria
    Special Jury Award

    Histoire de Cesaria

    Director: Camille HENROT

    Country: France

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  • Qui veut du pâté de foie ?
    Special Distinction

    Qui veut du pâté de foie ?

    Director: Anne-Laure BIZOT, Amélie GRAUX

    Country: France

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  • Shh
    Fipresci Special Distinction


    Director: Adam ROBB

    Country: Australia

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  • The Crossing Guard
    "CANAL J" Junior jury Award for a school or graduation film

    The Crossing Guard

    Director: Josh WEST

    Country: USA

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  Short films for Internet  

  • Les démons d’Inoshiro
    Award for best internet short

    Les démons d’Inoshiro

    Director: Jean-Luc GAGE

    Country: France

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  Series for Internet  

  • Kevina "Episode 3"
    Award for best internet series

    Kevina "Episode 3"

    Director: Kevin LOFTON

    Country: USA

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  • The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers “Ocean of Terror!”
    Net surfers' Award

    The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers “Ocean of Terror!”

    Director: Dan CHAMBERS, Claire UNDERWOOD

    Country: United Kingdom

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