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Ashes in the Thicket
Ashes in the Thicket

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A man who accidentally saw a UFO, falls into a painful illusion as his body is torn apart by a mysterious power. His illusion gets worse as he actually has his lovers kill themselves. But after…

The film

  • Film identity

    Original title: Ashes in the Thicket

    Directed by: Sung-gang LEE

    Country: South Korea

    Year of production: 1998

    Running time: 16 min

  • Technique


    Techniques used: 2D computer

  • Credits

    Directed by: Sung-gang LEE

    Production: YOONE CLUB, Sung-gang LEE

    Distribution: YOONE CLUB, Sunhwan YOO

    Based on: Sung-gang Lee

    Script: Sung-gang Lee

    Graphics: Sung-gang Lee

    Storyboard: Sung-gang Lee

    Layout: Sung-gang Lee

    Sets: Sung-gang Lee

    Animation: Sung-gang Lee

    Music: Tae-jin Kim

    Sound: Sung-gang Lee

    Editing: Sung-gang Lee