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L'Enfant au grelot

L'Enfant au grelot
Charlie's Christmas

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In a forest during a snow storm, a postman finds abandoned baby Charlie clutching a mysterious sleigh bell. As Charlie grows up in an orphanage he wonders where he has come from until one day he and his friend the postman deliver children's letters to Father Christmas and the mystery is revealed.

Award in Annecy

  • Grand Prix for a TV special (1998)

The film

  • Film identity

    Original title: L'Enfant au grelot

    Directed by: Jacques-Rémy GIRERD

    Country: France

    Year of production: 1997

    Running time: 26 min

  • Technique


    Techniques used: drawing on cels

    Process: Colour

  • Credits

    Directed by: Jacques-Rémy GIRERD

    Production: FOLIMAGE, Patrick EVENO, Jacques-Rémy GIRERD

    Distribution: EVA ENTERTAINMENT

    Based on: Jacques-Rémy Girerd

    Script: Jacques-Rémy Girerd, Benoît Chieux, Damien Louche-Pelissier

    Graphics: Benoît Chieux, Damien Louche-Pelissier

    Storyboard: Iouri Tcherenkov

    Layout: Iouri Tcherenkov

    Sets: Benoît Chieux

    Animation: Jacques-Rémy Girerd

    Camera: Patrick Tallaron

    Music: Serge Besset

    Sound: Loïc Burkardt

    Editing: Hervé Guichard

    Voice: Pierre-Henri Dutron, Pierre Saphores, Jean-Paul Racodon