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Animation du Monde

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  1. Animation projects "without borders"
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  3. Animation du Monde Greece and the Balkans
  4. Pixelatl and Animation du Monde Present: ShortWay
  5. CEE Animation Forum and Animation du Monde


Marvel at the Animation du Monde projects from these authors from emerging countries and enjoy their freshness, energy and individuality in each category of the Mifa Pitches.

Check out the 2021 selected projects

Animation projects "without borders"

Annecy has always sought to spotlight countries with a limited capacity for the production of animation projects. With this in mind, the Animation du Monde Pitch sessions were created in 2015. Due to their success, they have become a category in their own right within the Mifa Pitches for 2016.

Now, writers, animators or filmmakers can submit a short or feature, TV series or transmedia animation project either as a personal piece of work or through a structure put in place in their home country.

This also gives Annecy and the Mifa the opportunity to continue the initiatives set up for young talents by offering them the possibility to acquire funding, co-production deals or work collaborations for their projects, while also giving the creators the chance to take part in an international event they would normally not have access to.

In 2021, these filmmakers-in-the-making will be given an extra boost from the AGrAF (les Auteurs groupés de l’animation française). As partners of the Annecy Festival, representatives from the association will be here on behalf of artists who encourage creation and promote networking and solidarity amongst fellow professionals.

Three members from the AGrAF (graphic artists, filmmakers and screenwriters), Caroline Attia Larivière, Nicolas Robin and Éric Vanz de Godoy, participated in the selection of winning projects and will coach the Animation du Monde participants during a writing workshop to help them prepare for their presentations to a live audience during the Mifa Pitch sessions.

Projects came in from

Evolution of project origins from 2020 to 2021

Animation du Monde Greece and the Balkans

Every year in September, on the island of Syros, the Animasyros Festival promotes European, and more specifically French animation, along with its Agora. The relationships forged in recent years at the Mifa through the Hellenic Pavilion and the support from the Institut français in Greece, have made it possible to build this partnership around the Animation du Monde scheme.

From 23rd to 26th September 2020, despite the adverse circumstances with which we were all confronted with across the world, a 4-day workshop took place on-site with Antoine Liétout (producer at Laidak films) and Géraldine Baché (Head of Projects, Mifa).

Among 50 projects from Greece and its neighbouring countries, the following from 6 young directors were selected to participate in the workshop:

  • In Her Face by Margarida Madeira
  • Mesut by Alexia Roider & Michalis Kalopaidis
  • Playground by Kleopatra Korai, Elena Pavlaki
  • Vast Blue Antarctica by Christos Panagos
  • Travel Bugs by Fokion Xenos & Isavella Alepoudi
  • Oscar by Polyxeni Katsari & Matina Fykari

The assistance led the writers to look at their own projects with a fresh eye, develop them further and prepare themselves for their final pitch to convince a jury composed of the following animation professionals:

  • Géraldine Baché (Head of Projects, Mifa)
  • Antoine Liétout (producer at Laidak Films)
  • Tunde Vollenbroek (producer and founder of Pupil Studio in the Netherlands)
  • Nancy Denney Phelps (journalist and pitching coach)
  • Marineta Mak Kritikou (Agora Animasyros coordinator)

The winning projects that will be included in the 2021 Animation du Monde Mifa Pitches are:

  • Mesut by Alexia Roider & Michalis Kalopaidis (Cyprus)
  • Oscar by Polyxeni Katsari & Matina Fykari (Greece)

A Special Distinction was also awarded to:

  • Travel Bugs by Fokion Xenos & Isavella Alepoudi (Greece)

Pixelatl and Animation du Monde Present: ShortWay

ShortWay is a call for animation short film projects from Latin America.

Latin America is growing fast as a region full of unique talent and stories. Pixelatl and Annecy are working together to showcase, inspire, and prepare a new generation of storytellers in the field of animation.

Pixelatl and the Annecy Festival launched their 2nd annual call for projects and received over 275 projects from all over Latin America. 11 projects were selected to attend a 5-day online bootcamp hosted and sponsored by Ciudad Creativa Digital Jalisco, in order to meet with international experts such as Caroline Attia (France), Ivan Zuber (Germany), Michael Wakelam (England), Géraldine Baché (France), Gabriel Pichardo (Mexico), and local mentors that also provided feedback to each of these projects. It also included a discussion panel with the Oscar-nominated animation directors from the Best short animated film category.

This intense bootcamp was designed to help the artists continue developing their projects, networks, and collaborations so that their films are ready to be produced. In partnership with La Liga (Premios Quirino, Ventana Sur and Pixelatl), two of these projects were selected to participate at the Mifa and one of them will also participate in the Ciclic Animation residency.

The winners are:

  • Winner: Steps to Fly, by Nicolás Conté, Argentina
  • Jury Special Distinction: Where is My Espresso?, by Sebastián Garcia, Felipe Rodriguez, Colombia.
  • La Liga Prize: Where is My Espresso?, by Sebastián Garcia, Felipe Rodriguez, Colombia.
  • La Liga Special Distinction: Trick or beat, by Fernando Rendón, Mexico.

CEE Animation Forum and Animation du Monde

For this first collaboration between the CEE Animation Forum and the Mifa, the partnership was built on the desire to showcase animated projects from European low production capacity countries at the Animation du Monde Mifa Pitch sessions.

The CEE Animation Workshop is the only Creative Europe MEDIA-supported training activity especially tailored to the needs of animation producers and their creative teams from low production capacity countries who have projects in development. With its holistic approach, the CEE Animation Workshop accompanies a project over the course of one year, from its early stages to a fully developed project ready to access the international market for financing, to increase visibility and get ready to enter international markets, coproduction and distribution deals.

With this collaboration between the Mifa and CEE Animation, we would like to bring into focus one animated project from Central and Eastern Europe, a region with a long tradition of animation and an area of emerging artists and rich cultural and historical diversity.

As part of the training and project development programme provided by the CEE Animation Workshop, the project will be supported by the expertise and know-how of internationally acclaimed tutors to achieve the best level of development and get ready for the preproduction by the end of the year.

The animated short film in development, Balconada, has been invited to this year's edition of the Animation du Monde competition:

  • Balconada by studio Compote Collective (Bulgaria)
    Vessela Dantcheva (producer), Iva Tokmakchieva (scriptwriter), Kamelia Tavitian (associated producer)