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Animation in Brazil 3 (Tribute to Brazilian Animation)

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Does Brazilian animation have an identity? This is what we will discover during these three programmes of short films.

Brazilian animation is honoured all week in order to bring to our attention the country's cultural energy, particularly in terms of its cinema. The quality of its films has been recognised on several occasions at the Annecy Festival. As Marcel Jean, artistic director, points out, "we want to show how this major territory is a powerful spring of creativity and to show how Brazilian animators have been inspired by it in order to establish an unusual and striking expression."

Since the beginning of the previous century, we have witnessed an explosion of talents who dedicate themselves to creating messages with starkly different films on various themes in society as well as borrowing numerous animation techniques. However, a Brazilian spirit is always present, whether it be through humour, natural sensuality or even an engagement towards environmental and political concerns. Such versatility has opened the way for a fledgling and exciting industry that now produces television series and feature films including those that have been presented and received awards at the Annecy Festival, in addition to short films.

This is a fantastic invitation to discover a Brazilian spirit that awaits you!



  • Almas em chamas

    Brazil - Arnaldo GALVÃO

  • Quando os morcegos se calam

    Brazil - Fabio LIGNINI

  • Quinto Andar

    Brazil - Marco NICK

  • Johan

    Brazil - Washington Rayk NASCIMENTO

  • Linear

    Brazil - Amir ADMONI

  • Cartas

    Brazil - David MUSSEL

  • Quando os dias eram eternos

    Brazil - Marcus Vinicius VASCONCELOS

  • L.E.R.

    Brazil - Joao ANGELINI

  • Flea & Fly

    Brazil - Fernando MILLER

  • Guida

    Brazil - Rosana URBES