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Zoom Annecy 2015

Annecy 2015
  1. GOBELINS, l'école de l'image
  2. Courbes et nuances...
  3. Honorary Cristal...
  4. Honouring Women...
  5. The Poster...
  6. Mifa Celebrates...
  7. Spanish Animation...
  8. Back to Bonlieu...


On this page you can find all the highlights of the 2015 Festival: This year's theme, the 2015 poster, the Honorary Cristal, the 2015 teaser, new features, etc.

Filmmakers in the Making from GOBELINS Pay Tribute to Pioneering Female Animators

Once again this year, short opening sequences made by students from GOBELINS, l'école de l'image will be shown before each screening. The students have played along with the Festival's theme and focused on women to create a free adaptation inspired by the life and work of five female directors that you will be able to discover each day of the Festival. A great hommage indeed to Mary Blair, Alison de Vere, Evelyn Lambart, Claire Parker and Lotte Reiniger. You can also catch up with these shorts during the week at The Daily Online.

Curves and Shades by Regina Pessoa

The Annecy Festival unveils its poster, designed by Regina Pessoa. Here, she talks about her fondness for the Festival and her sources of inspiration that gave life to this creation.

Regina Pessoa and the Festival
"My link with the Annecy Festival began in the 90s, when I was still a student. Since then, I've always received a great welcome on my visits to Annecy.
I sent in the project for my second film to the Project competition in 2001, and it was thanks to the Festival that I was able to find funds to make
"Tragic Story with Happy Ending". I was completely overjoyed when the Festival rewarded the film with the Cristal for a Short Film in 2006.
In 2011, I was delighted to be invited to be part of the official jury.
And then, this year, when I was asked to create the poster, I accepted the offer with great pleasure and much gratitude!"

Her sources of inspiration
"I was inspired by different things for this poster:
First of all, the poster is paying tribute to animation: the hands, wearing old gloves from the days of the first cartoons, are making shadow puppets, one of the first shapes ever projected and as old as mankind itself.

Le lapin… Le lapin!...
This rabbit shadow puppet is my tribute to the Annecy Festival public. After 20 years of regular visits to the Festival, I've heard this unique and very enthusiastic chant from the public of "Le lapin… Le lapin!" many times.

Shadow puppets
The hands that are making the shadow puppets are a woman's. She is the main element of the poster because Annecy 2015 is dedicated to WOMEN.

The colours of Spain
This woman, dressed in red against a yellow background, is a flamenco dancer... because this year's guest country is my neighbour, Spain.

Annecy 2015

Personal world
Finally, since the Festival graciously asked me to create this poster, I've put a lot of personal touches into it... Especially my fascination for lights and shadows, which I believe sum up the cinema, and my rather sombre and textured style that is a little bit frightening and magical. Shadow puppets are often featured in my work, and rabbits in particular, as they are a secret reference to
Alice in Wonderland, a story that inspires and has been with me since I started filmmaking."

Check out the poster

Honorary Cristal for Florence Miailhe

In 2015, the Annecy Festival is putting the spotlight on women in animation and taking the opportunity to give the Honorary Cristal to the well-known animator Florence Miailhe.

Her work has received many prestigious prizes thanks to her unusual style that she calls "film painting" and her easily recognisable poetic universe. In 1999, she created Au premier dimanche d’août, part of the official selection at Annecy 2000, nominated for the Golden Cartoon in 2001 and winner of the César for best short film in 2002. Her next short Conte de quartier received a special mention from the jury at Cannes 2006.

This year, it's the Annecy Festival's turn to highlight her subtle work by awarding her with the Honorary Cristal.

Honouring Women in Animation

Women will be the heroines of the next Festival with a spotlight on their contribution and growing importance in the history of animation. This tribute will include:

  • an exclusively feminine jury
  • the Festival poster created by a female animator
  • programmes of films created by the fairer sex
  • films made by students from GOBELINS, l'école de l'image, paying tribute to pioneering women in animation including: Lotte Reiniger, Mary Blair, Joy Batchelor, Mary Ellen Bute, Alison de Vere, Evelyn Lambart and Claire Parker.

More events dedicated to women will be revealed over the next few months.

The Poster Entrusted to an Outstanding Animator: Regina Pessoa

For its year dedicated to women in animation, Annecy 2015 has entrusted the creation of its official poster to a well-known name from the world of animation, Regina Pessoa. This Portuguese animator is a regular visitor to the event and won the Cristal for best short in 2006 for her film Tragic Story with Happy Ending, which is the most awarded Portuguese animated film in the world to date.

The poster will be revealed sometime in March, but in the meantime, you can discover Regina Pessoa's particular style by taking a look at her highly acclaimed short Tragic Story....

Mifa Celebrates its 30th Birthday!

Organised for the first time in 1985, Mifa is 30 this year!

Originally a market for co-productions, it soon opened up to the buying and selling of programmes and over the years has become an unmissable appointment for the animation industry all over the world.

For its 30th anniversary, the Market has many surprises up its sleeve: exceptional keynote speeches and new and original events. A varied programme to celebrate 30 years of animation and review the evolution of the industry in France and abroad as well as reflecting about what the future holds.

More info

Spanish Animation in all its Forms

2015 sees the return of a guest country, and this year the Festival will be paying tribute to Spain during the Festival and the Market, as well as the different Meeting sessions.

You will be able to discover Spanish animation in all its different forms with 8 programmes of films, the launch of a DVD book and many other events to be revealed shortly!

Back to a Totally Renovated Bonlieu

After two delocalised years due to renovation work, the Bonlieu cultural centre has reopened allowing the Festival to come back again for Annecy 2015.

Bonlieu Scène nationale has had a complete makeover and grown in size to now offer over 9,000 m² of space for cultural events. This June you will be able to discover the new screening theatres and meeting areas, to make the most of the Festival in the best of conditions. If you want to see the extent of the work carried out on the venue, check out the following photos.