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 Programme 2013

  • Another Day of Life

    Another Day of Life is an animation and documentary hybrid project as well as a genre film with an artistic vision. We will present the challenges connected at the same time with the animation style, research and the creative work on both story and script.

    Wednesday 12 June 11:15 - Salle Pierre Lamy

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  • Cheatin'

    Two-time Oscar-nominated director Bill Plympton will be presenting his brand new animation feature film Cheatin' as a Work in Progress. He will screen pencil tests and finished sequences from the film, and discuss the creative process using line-drawing demonstration. He will also talk about the successful Kickstarter campaign that raised funds to complete the production, and his plans for distribution and release.

    Friday 14 June 09:30 - Salle Pierre Lamy

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  • How to Train Your Dragon 2

    A sneak peak at work in progress materials from How to Train Your Dragon 2 with director Dean DeBlois and producer Bonnie Arnold. The filmmakers will give an exclusive look at the new film with clips, images and behind the scenes examples of how the film takes shape.

    Tuesday 11 June 09:30 - Salle Pierre Lamy

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  • Song of the Sea

    An exclusive look at the design, development, pre-production and production of Cartoon Saloon's second feature "The Song of the Sea", by film director Tomm Moore.

    Friday 14 June 11:15 - Salle Pierre Lamy

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  • Loulou, the Incredible Secret

    The producers, directors and crew (subject to availability) will describe in detail and pictures the creation process of Loulou, the Incredible Secret, a 2D paperless feature film with wash drawing backgrounds,currently in post-production.
    Loulou and Tom have now grown up, and so has their audience. The famous duo created by Grégoire Solotareff will be in theatres in December 2013.

    Thursday 13 June 11:15 - Salle Pierre Lamy

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  • Mune

    Directors, Alexandre Heboyan and Benoît Philippon, invite us behind the scenes of their original creation. They will take us through the genesis of this unconventional and visually ambitious film and present the various steps of the creative process from script to production. They will unveil the artistic and technical challenges they faced to express their magical and poetic universe.

    Wednesday 12 June 09:30 - Salle Pierre Lamy

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  • Solan and Ludvig's Christmas

    Rasmus A. Sivertsen and Cornelia Boysen will talk about the difficulties of working with a technique that has not been used in Norway for almost 40 years. They will also explain budget issues, design and marketing processes and the possibility of working on a film series as well as the challenges of meeting audience's expectations towards a universe and characters loved by generations of Norwegians.

    Tuesday 11 June 11:15 - Salle Pierre Lamy

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