Solan and Ludvig's Christmas - WIP Annecy 2013

Solan and Ludvig's Christmas

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Rasmus A. Sivertsen and Cornelia Boysen will talk about the difficulties of working with a technique that has not been used in Norway for almost 40 years. They will also explain budget issues, design and marketing processes and the possibility of working on a film series as well as the challenges of meeting audience's expectations towards a universe and characters loved by generations of Norwegians.

Nationality: Norvège

Release date: 2013

Development stage: postproduction

Synopsis: It’s almost Christmas, and what Ludvig wants most of all is snow. But when Reodor builds the world’s most powerful snow cannon, it ends up in the hands of Freeman Pløsen. Messing around with nature is a dangerous business…

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  • Cornelia BOYSEN
    Cornelia BOYSEN

    Maipo Film


  • Rasmus A. SIVERTSEN
    Rasmus A. SIVERTSEN

    Qvisten Animation