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  2012 Juries

2012 Jury members

Feature films

  • Caroline Piochon, Jury Annecy 2012
    Caroline Piochon

    Animator, France


    Caroline Piochon graduated from the Gobelins, l'école de l'image in 2005, and then worked as Animator on a number of European features like The Secret of Kells, The Illusionist and Titeuf... More recently, she has just finished the animation on Patrice Leconte's The Suicide Shop.

    She also illustrates children's books as well as working with different associations to promote and develop cultural and artistic initiatives for the handicapped.

  • Tom Perlmutter, Jury Annecy 2012
    Tom Perlmutter

    Government Film Commissioner and Chair of the National Film Board (NFB), Canada


    Tom Perlmutter became the 15th Government Film Commissioner and Chair of the National Film Board (NFB) in 2007. Since then, he has notably revitalized interactive, documentary and animation programming at the Board.

  • Stéphane Aubier, Jury Annecy 2012
    Stéphane Aubier

    Director, Belgium


    Stéphane Aubier has been directing animation films since 1991 with Vincent Patar, who he met while studying. Their hits include the Pic Pic André Shoow.
    They used stop motion with cowboy and indian figurines for a TV series and the feature A Town Called Panic.
    They have just completed the feature film Ernest & Celestine with Benjamin Renner.


Short films

  • Joe Aguilar, Jury Annecy 2012
    Joe Aguilar

    Producer, USA


    Joe Aguilar has been a key Producer at DreamWorks Animation since the company began. He produced, among others, the blockbuster Puss In Boots in 2011, which was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature.

    He is in charge or recruitment, training, and the development of skills necessary to make animation feature films at the DreamWorks Dedicated Unit, situated in Bangalore, India.

  • Eric Khoo, Jury Annecy 2012
    Eric Khoo

    Director, Singapor


    Since 1995, Eric Khoo as left his mark on the international scene with each of his films including 12 Storeys (1997), the first Singaporean film invited to the Cannes Film Festival. Tatsumi, his first foray into animation, premiered at Cannes in 2011, and went on to win many prizes, including the Sitges Film Festival in Spain and the International Film Festival in Dubai.

  • Darragh O'Connell
    Darragh O'Connell

    Producer, Ireland


    Darragh O'Connell founded Brown Bag Films with Cathal Gaffney in 1994. He has directed or produced series such as Give Up Yer Aul Sins, I’m an Animal, Olivia, Octonauts, as well as dozens of animated television commercials for global brands: Guinness, Vodafone, Coca-Cola, etc. Darragh became a member of the Academy of Motion Picture of Arts and Sciences in 2010.


TV and commissioned films

  • Tiziana De Carolis, Jury Annecy 2012
    Tiziana De Carolis

    Composer, USA


    After graduating from the national music Conservatoire in Bari, Italy, Tiziana De Carolis is now a concert performer and composer for the cinema and theatre. She is also on the board of the Union des compositeurs de musiques de films (UCMF). Her music is an artistic mix that she creates in collaboration with artists and filmmakers.

  • Jackie Edwards, Jury Annecy 2012
    Jackie Edwards

    Producer, Great Britain


    Jackie Edwards has been Executive Producer, Animation and Acquisitions at CBeebies since 2008, the U.K.’s foremost dedicated pre-school television channel. She has produced many of the channel's animated series including Tree Fu Tom, Driver Dan’s Story Train, The Octonauts, Raa Raa the Noisy Lion and Rastamouse.

  • Hugues Allart, Jury Annecy 2012
    Hugues Allart

    Producer, France


    Hugues Allart took charge of Mikros' 3D department in 1998. He then managed the visual effects department until 2009. Today, he produces creative content within the group.

    He has also been a member of the jury panel for Supinfocom, the École Louis Lumière, etc.


Graduation films

  • Véronique Cayla

    Chairperson at Arte France


    Véronique Cayla's career path has been strongly linked to the cinema. Starting out at the Ministry of Culture, she was technical advisor in charge of cinema, and went on to become Managing Director at the Video Library in Paris (now the Forum des images), where she worked between 1982 and 1989.

    During the 90s, she worked for the private sector as Managing Director for the MK2 film group followed by Executive Director at LMK-Images SA. She was Managing Director for the Cannes Festival and Chairperson of the CNC, and has been Chairperson at Arte and Chairperson for the executive board at Arte France since 2011.

  • John Piper, jury Annecy 2012
    John Piper

    Professor, New Zealand


    After studies in Graphic Design, John Piper runs study programmes specialised in Digital Design, 3D Animation or Visual Effects at the AUT University in Auckland. He also researches into emerging industries in the moving image arena.

  • Stefanie Zhang, Jury Annecy 2012
    Stefanie Zhang

    Distributor, China


    Stefanie Zhang is the Head of Global Operations at Vasoon Animation studio based in Beijing. Her career has been rich and diverse, starting out as a filmmaker and then moving into animation festival programming in Taiwan and Macao.

    Since 2008, she has been a magazine editor writing on film, lifestyle or food for such publications as O2 Magazine and The Shopper Magazine.


Fipresci Jury

  • Daniel Kothenschulte, Fipresci Jury Annecy 2012
    Daniel Kothenschulte



  • Luk Menten, Fipresci Jury 2012
    Luk Menten



    Luk Menten spent the bulk of his career working as a journalist-reporter for the Belgian news agency Belga. He has a great liking for animation film and has been an adept of the Annecy Film Festival since 1983. On animation he writes mainly in the monthly magazine Filmmagie.

  • Bozidar Zecevic, Fipresci Jury 2012
    Bozidar Zecevic



    Bozidar Zecevic is an historian of cinema, screenwriter and director as well as a critic and professor of Film Analysis at the Dunav Film School in Belgrade. He is also the founder and Editor of the cinema magazine Filmograf and President of the Serbian direction of Fipresci. Current President of Asifa Serbia, he is a member of their International Council.


Junior Juries

8 French and Portuguese juniors, aged between 9 and 16, will be awarding the Junior Jury Award for a short film and a graduation film. The 4 young people from Portugal come from the MONSTRINHA animation workshop and the 4 French youngsters are all from the Atelier de cinéma d’animation d’Annecy et de Haute-Savoie (aaa).
In collaboration with the Lisbon Animation Festival, the MONSTRINHA workshop has been organising introductory hands-on courses for the young since 2000.

Jury members

  • Short films:
    (9-12 years)

    • Tiago Almeida Galrito, 9 yrs, MONSTRINHA animation workshop
    • Jorge Miguel Lourenço Diogo Vaz, 9 yrs, MONSTRINHA animation workshop
    • Kenzo Betend, 10 yrs, aaa workshop
    • Juliette Clauss-Auzeméry, 11 yrs, aaa workshop
  • Graduation films:
    (13-16 years)

    • Joana Raquel Maurício Marques, 16 yrs, MONSTRINHA animation workshop
    • Ricardo Manuel Sampaio Jorge Rolim, 16 yrs, MONSTRINHA animation workshop
    • Clément Castets, 16 yrs, aaa workshop
    • Manon Gerlier, 15 yrs, aaa workshop