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2010 Press Review

Revue de presse

Quotes from the national press

"Annecy King Size. Apart from a record number of visitors, the International Animation Film Festival's half-century and the 25 years of the film market have confirmed the professionalisation of the events."
Emmanuelle Miquet - Le film français, 18th June 2010

"Over the years, Annecy has become the biggest animation festival in the world and is an annual look at what is happening in the industry."
Thierry Méranger - Cahiers du cinéma, June 2010

"Annecy is also - and above all - a vast laboratory of ideas and pictures."
Christophe Narbonne - Première, July 2010

"Over time, the festival has become a magical appointment for animation filmmakers (...). In 2009 alone, Annecy showed off two real gems: Mary & Max, by Adam Elliot and Henry Selick's Coraline."
Cécile Mury - Télérama, 5-11th June 2010

"The Annecy Festival is the barometer of animated creation and attempts to give a general debriefing on what is happening in this fast-moving industry..."
Marie Lechner - Libération, 5th June 2010

"The International Animation Film Festival is celebrating its 50th birthday in a very ecumenical way, with an abundant range of technologies and styles mixing together next to lake Annecy..."
Nathalie Silbert - Les Echos, 10th June 2010

"Annecy does nothing by halves! An international event and the number one animation film festival in the world(...) With 525 films screened and a film market covering 3,000 m2 of stands, the event has become an institution."
Arnaud Bordas - Le Figaro Magazine, 5th June 2010

"...the festival offers a passionate yearly overview of a genre that is prolific and incredibly inventive."
Stéphane Dreyfus - La Croix, 14th June 2010

"Fifty years already! And the Annecy Festival is no longer confined to the lakeside, but the world at large. Many an artist has begun an international career at Annecy, from the Czech Jan Svankmajer to the Japanese filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki, along with the British pair Nick Park and Peter Lord, creators of Wallace and Gromit."
Stéphane Leblanc - 20 Minutes, 7th June 2010

"Dreamworks CEO, Jeffrey Katzenberg made it a priority to come all the way to Annecy to present the sneak preview of the studio's latest production, Shrek 4, which just goes to prove the prestige of the event (...)."
Stéphanie Belpêche - Le Journal du dimanche, 13th June 2010

Quotes from the international press

"Annecy continues to attract animation creatives and business players, as well as fans and students, which can be useful for building buzz."
Leon Forde - Screen International, May 2010

"Annecy is the world's highest-profile animation fest, and one of the fastest-growing sprocket operas around."
John Hopewell, Elsa Keslassy - Variety, 7th June 2010

"It's one of the greatest animation festivals on the planet."
Thomas J. McLean - Animation Magazine, 30th June 2010

"The animation Market MIFA, held at the Annecy Animation Film Festival in France, last week, reported record attendance, with a 16% increase in visitors compared with 2009."
Marie Agnès Bruneau - C21, 23rd June 2010

Quotes from the Directors

"Annecy for me is like a giant, creative, nourishing and fecund compost heap that I like to immerse myself in as often as possible to enliven, enrich, inspire and reignite my passion for animation and storytelling."
Adam Elliot, Director

"Annecy is the oldest, largest and best-located animation festival in the world."
Marv Newland, Director