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Dance of Death

Dance of Death

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Relentlessly changing channels, little Sally Roberts loves television violence - particularly her favourite variety show, "Dance of Death". But one night she and her parents get more than they bargained for.

Award in Annecy

  • Special Jury Award (1983)

The film

  • Film identity

    Original title: Dance of Death

    Directed by: Dennis TUPICOFF

    Country: Australia

    Year of production: 1983

    Running time: 08 min 45 s

  • Technique

    Category: Short film

    Techniques used: drawing on cels

    Version: Version originale anglaise sous-titrée français

    Process: Colour

    Target public: 12-15 years, Adults

  • Credits

    Directed by: Dennis TUPICOFF

    Production: Dennis TUPICOFF


    Script: Dennis Tupicoff

    Animation: Dennis Tupicoff

    Music: Peter Sullivan

    Sound: Brett Southwick, David Harrison

    Voice: Matthew King, Suzanne Zene, Brenda Beddison, Peter Curtin, Beverley Dunn, Hamish Hugues