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 1983 Award Winners

  Short films  

  • Ad astra
    International critic's Award

    Ad astra

    Director: Ferenc CAKÓ

    Country: Hungary

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  • Album
    Award for a first film


    Director: Kresimir ZIMONIC

    Country: Croatia

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  • Chronique 1909
    Kodak Award

    Chronique 1909

    Director: Paul BRIZZI, Gaëtan BRIZZI

    Country: France

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  • Dance of Death
    Special Jury Award

    Dance of Death

    Director: Dennis TUPICOFF

    Country: Australia

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  • Historien om Lilla och stora kanin
    Young Audience Award

    Historien om Lilla och stora kanin

    Director: Johan HAGELBÄCK

    Country: Sweden

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  • Moznosti dialogu
    Grand Prix
    International Critics' Award

    Moznosti dialogu

    Director: Jan SVANKMAJER

    Country: Czech Republic

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  • Night Club
    Second Special Jury award

    Night Club

    Director: Jonathan HODGSON

    Country: United Kingdom

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  • Once Upon a Time There Lived a Dog
    Third Special Jury Award

    Once Upon a Time There Lived a Dog

    Director: Edward NAZAROV

    Country: Russia

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  • Solo un bacio
    International Critics' Award

    Solo un bacio

    Director: Guido MANULI

    Country: Italy

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  • The Great Cognito
    Banc-titre Award

    The Great Cognito

    Director: Will VINTON

    Country: USA

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  • Vincent
    Critic's Award


    Director: Tim BURTON

    Country: USA

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  Advertising films  

  • Agis "Régression"
    Advertising film Award

    Agis "Régression"

    Director: Pierluigi DE MAS

    Country: Italy

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  Commissioned Films  

  • Le Sang
    Educational and scientific Award

    Le Sang

    Director: Jacques ROUXEL

    Country: France

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