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  • Affiorare


    Directed by: Rosa Rossella SCHILLACI

    Country: Italy, Portugal

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  • Déjà-vu


    Directed by: Dennis STEIN-SCHOMBURG

    Country: Germany

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  • Glimpse


    Directed by: Benjamin CLEARY, Michael O'CONNOR

    Country: France, Ireland, United Kingdom

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  • Goliath: Playing With Reality

    Goliath: Playing With Reality

    Directed by: Barry Gene MURPHY, May ABDALLA

    Country: United Kingdom, France

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  • Kidnapping à Vostok

    Kidnapping à Vostok

    Directed by: Jean BOUTHORS

    Country: France

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  • Marco & Polo Go Round

    Marco & Polo Go Round

    Directed by: Benjamin STEIGER LEVINE

    Country: Belgium, Canada

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  • On the Morning You Wake (To the End of the World)

    On the Morning You Wake (To the End of the World)

    Directed by: Mike BRETT, Steve JAMISON, Pierre ZANDROWICZ, Arnaud COLINART

    Country: USA, France, United Kingdom

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  • Samsara


    Directed by: Hsin-Chien HUANG

    Country: Taiwan

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