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Annecy Awards 2020 – 7 Short Films #2

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In this session you can finally discover some of the short films presented in competition during the Annecy 2020 Online edition on the big screen!

Seven award-winning films from various categories, this programme illustrates the diversity and audacity of animated production today, both on the technical field as well as the topics tackled.

In particular is the Cristal for a Short Film, the imposing The Physics of Sorrow by Theodore Ushev, in which the filmmaker masterfully revisits the ancient encaustic painting technique.


  • Physique de la tristesse

    Canada - Theodore USHEV

  • Empty Places

    France - Geoffroy DE CRÉCY

  • Pile

    United Kingdom - Toby AUBERG

  • Homeless Home

    France, Spain - Alberto VÁZQUEZ

  • Rivages

    France - Sophie RACINE

  • Sura

    South Korea - Haeji JEONG

  • Undone "The Hospital"

    USA - Hisko HULSING