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Annecy Awards 2020 – 8 Short Films #2

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In this session you can finally discover some of the short films presented in competition during the Annecy 2020 Online edition on the big screen!

Eight award-winning films from the diverse competitive categories at the Festival compose this rich and diversified programme dominated by an intense exploration of forms by eminently distinctive artists.

Among these films, is the splendid Genius Loci, by Adrien Merigeau, Jury Distinction for a Short Film and then nominated for the Oscar for a Short Animation Film.


  • Wade

    India - Upamanyu BHATTACHARYYA, Kalp SANGHVI

  • A mãe de sangue

    Portugal - Vier NEV

  • Genius Loci

    France - Adrien MERIGEAU

  • Lucky Chops "Traveler"

    Germany - Daniel ALMAGOR, Raman DJAFARI

  • Freeze Frame

    Belgium - Soetkin VERSTEGEN

  • Home

    United Kingdom - Anita BRUVERE

  • Naked

    Russia - Kirill KHACHATUROV

  • The Town

    China - Yifan BAO