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Annecy Awards 2020 – Young Audiences #4

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In this session you can finally discover the award-winning films from the diverse competitive sections from the Annecy 2020 Online on the big screen! Suitable for all age groups.

Ecology, equity, diversity and tolerance are all current themes dealt with by the filmmakers all in the most aesthetical way.

Cristal for a TV Production, Shooom’s Odyssey by Julien Bisaro is an example of this healthy aspiration.


  • Reven og Nissen

    Norway, Sweden, Denmark - Are AUSTNES, Yaprak MORALI

  • The Tiger Who Came to Tea

    United Kingdom - Robin SHAW

  • Cinema Rex

    Israel - Eliran PELED, Mayan ENGELMAN

  • Greenpeace "Turtle Journey"

    United Kingdom - Gavin STRANGE

  • To: Gerard

    USA - Taylor MEACHAM

  • The Fox & The Pigeon

    Canada - Michelle CHUA

  • L'Odyssée de Choum

    Belgium, France - Julien BISARO