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WTF2021 – Midnight Specials

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Music Maestro + Fight the Power x (After Laughters Comes Tears)² = WTF2021

To be restricted to giving you all the details in 1,500 characters… 1,500 words, full stops, commas, speech marks and special characters… to talk, showcase, and describe all the films on this programme, listen, it’s a total nightmare!

We really would’ve liked to have waxed lyrical and lingered on each individual artist, each film, each magic stroke of genius, but sadly we can’t!

What we can tell you = you’ll discover 18 incredible films, imbued with music, tinged with revolt, poetry and of course, brimming with humour.

Tarantino will be massacred, a stag is interrupted whilst he’s busy in the middle of a forest, you’ll be marked for life by Ivan’s fruits, and by the poor mermaid trapped in a jar that’s too small. The famous Run The Jewels will aggravate the cops again, and a baby will get his own way, at what cost? An arm and a leg? No- just arms. You’ll recognise this scene where holding off that desperate need to yawn catches you out, much like Macron. Sushi will be eaten raw, aliens defy stereotypes, Superman will swagger like Superwoman-Man. A pigeon struts her stuff on the highway, an owl will steal the limelight from his fellow creatures, and mercenaries will be murdered by a cute little creature. You’ll see stroboscopic vegetables, lock-downers who’ve lost the plot, women taking power back, and the world going up in smoke.

Remember, look at the subliminal messages, read between the lines, breathe deeply and savour. If you follow these top-tips, you will thoroughly enjoy the WTF2021. Otherwise, there’s nothing stopping you from discreetly scuttling out of the theatre and watch something else.


Gala Frecon

Member of the Annecy 2021 Selection Committee

Sébastien Sperer

Films & Programme Planning Manager



  • Satellite Jockey "Paix sociale"

    France - Rémi RICHARME

  • Throat Notes

    Australia - Felix COLGRAVE

  • Tarantino by Victor Haegelin

    France - Victor HAEGELIN

  • Fruit

    Canada - Ivan LI

  • Yello "Out of Sight"

    Switzerland - Dirk KOY

  • Merenneito purnukassa

    Finland - Tomi MALKKI

  • Peegoo Pigeon

    Malaysia - Adrian AU TAK FUNG

  • Pandiculation

    Norway - Jakob EIRING, Konrad HJEMLI

  • The Dip

    United Kingdom, Bulgaria - Simona MEHANDZHIEVA

  • Releasing Spell

    Czech Republic - Markéta MAGIDOVÁ

  • Klitclique "Zu Zweit"

    Austria - Anna SPANLANG

  • Sexy Sushi

    Singapore - Calleen KOH

  • Into the Cutezone

    Germany - Niklas WOLFF

  • The New World: Variations on Stay-Home Activities

    China - Ning HONG, Xiaofeng ZHAO

  • How I Got Applauded


  • A.C.T. Madrid "Infected"

    USA, Spain - Alfonso MORENO

  • High Pressure Business Deer!

    Canada - Eoin DUFFY

  • Run The Jewels "Yankee and the Brave (ep. 4)"

    USA - Sean SOLOMON