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Carte blanche The Animated Greater Maghreb – A Tribute to Animation from the African Continent

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Spotlight on Maghreb, where passionate male and female directors have chosen the art of animation to recount their enthralling stories.

Since its creation in 2001, the Meknès International Animation Film Festival (FICAM) has established itself as a genuine showcase for African animation film with a special opening on filmmakers from Maghreb, from the pioneers right up until the present day.

Despite the lack of institutional support, lack of resources and training, animation film has been booming in Maghreb. This Carte Blanche is the opportunity to pay tribute to male and female directors who have chosen animation to express their fascinating stories.

This list contains authors who have produced films reflecting the aspirations of today’s Maghrebian youth. Touching on topics such as the family, freedom, and a better place for women in the current society. Sometimes, calling on History and using figures from the past, particularly women, to provide a review of the present and a springboard towards the future – a good omen for the future of animation in Maghreb.

Mohamed Beyoud

Artistic Director of the Meknès International Animation Film Festival (FICAM)

Institut français, Meknès


  • L'Ambouba

    Tunisia - Nadia RAÏS

  • Diaspora

    Tunisia - Alaeddin ABOU TALEB

  • Hors cadre

    Morocco - Anass DOUJDID

  • Hoffili

    Tunisia - Lotfi MAHFOUDH

  • Voyage vers l'éternel

    Morocco - Aziz OUMOUSSA, Saber SHOULI

  • Mririda

    Morocco - Fatima-azahra RHAFFAR

  • Fade

    Tunisia - Alaeddin ABOU TALEB

  • Soulika

    Morocco - Aziz OUMOUSSA

  • Ayam

    United Kingdom, Morocco - Sofia EL KHYARI