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Annecy, 60 Years and Still Animated!

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A special session, full of surprises and firsts!  

As part of their 60th anniversary the Festival is putting on a celebratory evening with several delights on the programme:

  • An Award for Mr. Rossi by Bruno Bozzetto
    Screened for the very first time in 1960 at Annecy, rediscover this satire in 2021, about directors and juries that accept and reward films where simple imitation receives praise with no regard for original creativity.
  • The One-Minute Memoir by Joan C. Gratz, Christopher Hinton, Paul Driessen, Theodore Ushev, Dennis Tupicoff, Janet Perlman, Marv Newland, Jim Blashfield, Bill Plympton, and Diane Ombomsawin.
    For the very first time on the big screen, sit back and enjoy this surprising compilation of short films on the topic of memory. Gathered together by Joan C. Gratz, 11 Annecy-prizewinning directors determined the content and techniques offering us art ranging from the sentimental to the absurd.
  • Far From the Tree by Natalie Nourigat
    The Walt Disney Animation Studios present a world premiere of their short film with a pre-recorded introduction by the director.


There are suprises are in store for you, but shhhhhhh, that’s a secret!


  • Un Oscar per il signor Rossi

    Italy - Bruno BOZZETTO

  • The One-Minute Memoir

    Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, USA, Netherlands - Joan GRATZ, Christopher HINTON, Paul DRIESSEN, Theodore USHEV, Dennis TUPICOFF, Janet PERLMAN, Marv NEWLAND, Jim BLASHFIELD, Bill PLYMPTON, Diane OBOMSAWIN, Chel WHITE

  • Far From the Tree

    USA - Natalie NOURIGAT