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Trippy Symphony

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When Dalas hijacks Disney, prepare to be enlightened!

In 1929, Walt Disney and his artists start creating the Silly Symphonies. This new series of acclaimed cartoons stage comical interpretations of classic tales and fables (The Three Little Pigs, The Tortoise and the Hare, The Skeleton Dance, etc.) by exploring the rich musical language that was relatively new in the 7th art. More than 80 years later, the artist Pablo Dalas reinterprets these legendary Silly Symphonies with an enlightening tribute.

Trippy Symphony is a noisy and chaotic experience orchestrated by this artist who works in a traditional and experimental animation style. His main source of inspiration comes from 1920s cartoon imagery, and Pablo Dalas’s works are famous for disfiguring our childhood whimsical icons. The hundreds of original drawings that make up his animations will be displayed for the very first time to the public in the Art by Friends Gallery.

You can attend the exhibition’s opening on 12th June, 6:00 pm-10:30 pm!

Handy info:

Venue: Art By Friends - 14 avenue du Rhône - 74000 Annecy.

Open from Monday 14th June to Saturday 31st July,  9:00 am to 12:00 midday and 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm, or by appointment via  e-mail.