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In TAT’s Jungle, Behind-the-Scenes of an Animation Studio

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To celebrate its 20th anniversary, TAT Productions opens up its treasure chests for an exhibition that will take you straight to the heart of "making" a 3D animation film!

Annotated scripts, sketches, music scores, plasticine figures, storyboards, by-products, making of films, etc. A plethora of key elements gathered together to reveal the secrets of their creative process in this exhibition designed in four parts:

  • Terra Willy: dreaming up an animation film’s universe

How do you create a visual universe, plants, flowers, real or imaginary landscapes?

  • Pil: from project to realisation

How do you transform the first sketches into a three-dimensional character with an attitude, a look, a unique smile, etc?

  • The Jungle Bunch: out to conquer the audience

What happens to the film after it’s been broadcast on the big screen?

  • TAT: 20 years of stories

Lastly, discover the astonishing story about the studio from Toulouse, founded by a passionate trio, David Alaux, Éric Tosti and Jean-François Tosti, which established itself on big screens worldwide and who now employs more than 120 computer graphic artists.

The exhibition is open from 15th June to 3rd July 2021 at the Médiathèque de Seynod (1 place de l'Hôtel de ville, Seynod, 74600 Annecy).

Free entry during the Médiathèque’s opening hours. Numbers are restricted, face masks are mandatory over the age of 11.

For more info: 04 50 33 45 32 or on the Médiathèque website.