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Closing Ceremony

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The final curtain comes down on the Festival with 5 short films!

After a richly emotional week, the Festival leaves the stage before the next edition with a screening of 5 short films! On the programme:

- Jung & Restless by Joanna Priestley 

An exploration of the mythopoetic realm through mandalas and dream images that hint at mystery and hidden trauma.

- Boy Oh Boy by Stephen Irwin

A boy conjures the stars out of yogurt.

- Flight by Samuel Yal

Monday 13th April, during lockdown, Samuel Yal invites children, artists and anyone who would like to participate in a collective artwork online using images of a bird flying, photographed by Muybridge in 1883.

- Blush by Joe Mateo (Skydance Animation/Apple TV+)

After crash landing on a desolate dwarf planet a stranded horticulturist-astronaut's chances for survival dwindle with each breath until an ethereal visitor arrives and offers the promise of new life.

- Us, Again by Zach Parrish (Walt Disney Animation Studios)

Told entirely without dialogue, and set to an original funk and soul musical score reminiscent of the mid-60s, Us Again uses the art of animation and emotional storytelling to entertain and inspire.

Presented by

  • Marcel JEAN
    Marcel JEAN


  • Jung & Restless

    USA - Joanna PRIESTLEY

  • Boy Oh Boy

    United Kingdom - Stephen IRWIN

  • Envol

    France - Samuel YAL

  • Blush

    USA - Joe MATEO

  • Us Again

    USA - Zach PARRISH