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Opening Ceremony

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Attend the screening of Josee, The Tiger and the Fish and the short film Tomorrow’s Leaves by Studio Ponoc!

At the Festival’s opening ceremony, 2 masterpieces will have the honour of being presented! We will have the great pleasure of screening the world premiere of Tomorrow’s Leaves, the new animation short from Studio Ponoc, entirely hand-drawn and hand-painted. 

The feature film in competition, Josee, the Tiger and the Fish by TAMURA Kotaro – Japan (distributed by Eurozoom), will also be screened.

This film follows the story of a young girl Josee, paraplegic from a very young age, who lives in her own world between painting, books and her overflowing imagination. Tsuneo, in a marine biology faculty, would like to continue his studies in Mexico to be able to live his ultimate dream: to dive in tropical waters. For that, he needs money. Just then, a job literally falls into his lap when he collides with Josee.

Presented by

  • Marcel JEAN
    Marcel JEAN


  • Tomorrow's Leaves

    Japan - Yoshiyuki MOMOSE

  • Josee to Tora to Sakanatachi

    Japan - Kotaro TAMURA