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  • Algo-Rhythm


    Directed by: Manu LUKSCH

    Country: Austria, United Kingdom, Senegal

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  • Annah la Javanaise

    Annah la Javanaise

    Directed by: Fatimah Tobing RONY

    Country: Indonesia

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  • Black Loop

    Black Loop

    Directed by: Adel ELBADRAWY

    Country: Egypt

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  • Eclosion


    Directed by: Rita BASULTO

    Country: Mexico

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  • Esfinge urbana

    Esfinge urbana

    Directed by: Maria LORENZO HERNÁNDEZ

    Country: Spain

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  • Hier oben, bei den weißen Göttern

    Hier oben, bei den weißen Göttern

    Directed by: Jalal MAGHOUT, Alexander LAHL, Mike PLITT

    Country: Germany

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  • jù rén

    jù rén

    Directed by: Harry ZHUANG, Henry ZHUANG

    Country: Singapore

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  • Just a Guy

    Just a Guy

    Directed by: Shoko HARA

    Country: Germany

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  • Migrante


    Directed by: Esteban Ezequiel DALINGER, Cesar Daniel IEZZI

    Country: Argentina

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  • Night Session

    Night Session

    Directed by: Petre TOMADZE

    Country: Georgia

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  • Only the Seas Live Forever

    Only the Seas Live Forever

    Directed by: David EHRLICH

    Country: China, USA

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  • Pogovorim?


    Directed by: Ekaterina MIKHEEVA

    Country: Russia

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  • Prirodni Odabir

    Prirodni Odabir

    Directed by: Aleta RAJIC

    Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

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  • Todo es culpa de la sal

    Todo es culpa de la sal

    Directed by: María Cristina PÉREZ

    Country: Colombia

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  • White Paradise

    White Paradise

    Directed by: Xavier ISTASSE

    Country: Belgium

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