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  • 3 Teaspoons of Sugar

    3 Teaspoons of Sugar

    Directed by: Dr Tshepo P. MAAKA, Kabelo MAAKA

    Country: South Africa

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  • A Mãe de Sangue

    A Mãe de Sangue

    Directed by: Vier NEV

    Country: Portugal

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  • Aletsch Negative

    Aletsch Negative

    Directed by: Laurence BONVIN

    Country: Switzerland

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  • Average Happiness

    Average Happiness

    Directed by: Maja GEHRIG

    Country: Switzerland

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  • Cinema Rex

    Cinema Rex

    Directed by: Eliran PELED, Mayan ENGELMAN

    Country: Israel

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  • Empty Places

    Empty Places

    Directed by: Geoffroy DE CRÉCY

    Country: France

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  • Freeze Frame

    Freeze Frame

    Directed by: Soetkin VERSTEGEN

    Country: Belgium

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  • Genius Loci

    Genius Loci

    Directed by: Adrien MERIGEAU

    Country: France

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  • Home


    Directed by: Anita BRUVERE

    Country: United Kingdom

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  • Homeless Home

    Homeless Home

    Directed by: Alberto VÁZQUEZ

    Country: France, Spain

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  • Kapaemahu


    Directed by: Hinaleimoana WONG-KALU, Dean HAMER, Joe WILSON, Daniel SOUSA

    Country: USA

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  • Machini


    Directed by: Frank MUKUNDAY, Trésor TSHIBANGU

    Country: Congo (The Democratic Republic of the), Belgium

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  • My Dear Lover

    My Dear Lover

    Directed by: Milva STUTZ

    Country: Switzerland

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  • Physique de la tristesse

    Physique de la tristesse

    Directed by: Theodore USHEV

    Country: Canada

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  • Purpleboy


    Directed by: Alexandre SIQUEIRA

    Country: Belgium, France, Portugal

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  • Reven og Nissen

    Reven og Nissen

    Directed by: Are AUSTNES, Yaprak MORALI

    Country: Norway, Sweden, Denmark

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  • The Town

    The Town

    Directed by: Yifan BAO

    Country: China

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  • To: Gerard

    To: Gerard

    Directed by: Taylor MEACHAM

    Country: USA

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  • Wade


    Directed by: Upamanyu BHATTACHARYYA, Kalp SANGHVI

    Country: India

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