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Sydney, 1920. Eugene, 45, is suspected of killing his ex-wife Annie. With superintendent Dick on his trail, he goes on the run. But why if he is, as he claims, innocent? What if it's something else? Does he have a secret he wants to hide at all costs?

The film

  • Film identity

    Original title: Eugène

    Directed by: Anaïs CAURA

    Country: France

    Running time: 01 h 20 min

  • Technique

    Category: Feature film

    Techniques used: 2D computer, rotoscope

    Target public: Adults, Young adults

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  • Credits

    Directed by: Anaïs CAURA

    Production: MY FANTASY, Jérôme CAZAUMAYOU

    Script writer: Joëlle OOSTERLINCK

    Graphic designer: Anaïs CAURA

    Composer: Pierre OBERKAMPF

    Based on: "The Man-Woman Case", Anaïs Caura, Joëlle Oosterlinck