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Nickelodeon: Live with Nina Hahn

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Come and discover the projects and programs sought by Nickelodeon.

What is your editorial strategy/support policy?

At Nick we pride ourselves on being everywhere kids are and look to create projects and work with talent from all over the world to make authentic and aspirational content that’s equal parts broad, simple, and emotional.

What type of projects/programs are you looking for?

At Nick, we are an agile and nimble content partner in search of great projects that fit our brand's DNA. We flex and shift within our production models to adapt to the project, creator, producer and/or region. In the end, we want great character driven content that makes you care, laugh and aspire to view.


  • Nina HAHN
    Nina HAHN

    SVP Nickelodeon International Production & Development


  • Eleanor COLEMAN
    Eleanor COLEMAN

    Acquistions & Co Productions