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Warner Media France & Africa - Ariane Suveg

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Reserve a meeting with Ariane Suveg between Friday 29th May and Wednesday 10th June, and join her  on Friday 19th June, at 10:00-12:00 midday (Central European Time - CET).

Come and discover the projects and programs sought by Warner Media France & Africa.

What is your editorial strategy?

We want ideas that complement our Burbank studio shows for Cartoon Network and Boomerang, and our focus is on creator-led content with characters and stories that kids can relate to. So when you pitch to us, it really helps us if the person that lives and breathes the idea is there. The top priority for us is finding characters that have heart and humor and that are going to connect with and excite them – and that can live across platforms, because kids don’t like to come up against a wall (they want to watch, play, own). We are looking for ideas for our channels on a global basis first and then look at regions and individual countries where applicable.

What type of projects/programs are you looking for/financing?

Our channels are all about comedy with heart. For Cartoon Network, we’re looking for character-driven comedy animation for kids aged 6-11; and for Boomerang we’re looking for fun but safe comedy animation for younger kids. We’re proud of our ability to get onboard early, either with a pre-purchase or co-production deal. In France & Africa Cartoon Network and Boomerang are completed by Boing targeting kids aged 6-8 across all genres, Toonami, the home of super heroes; and Adult Swim addressing an audience aged between 15-35 with Young Adult comedies.


  • Ariane SUVEG
    Ariane SUVEG

    Director, Kids Content France & Africa