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Focus on African Projects @ Mifa 2020

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Reserve a meeting with the project leaders between Monday 15th June, 2:00 pm and Tuesday 16th June, 12:00 midday, and join them on Tuesday 16th June at 2:00-4:00 pm (Central European Time - CET).

This is the opportunity to discover projects in development between writers’ short films and creative series from a continent that is currently experiencing a creative boom. In the last few years the African continent has produced a vast array of talents and animation studios, with South Africa leading the way but now the entire continent is undergoing a creative explosion. What these players are currently missing are funds and the right partners to support them in developing their projects.


  • Box Cutters

    South Africa, Netherlands, France - Naomi VAN NIEKERK

  • Isaura

    South Africa - MCNALLY, Clayton KOSK

  • L'Ombre des papillons (titre provisoire)

    Morocco, France - Sofia EL KHYARI

  • Os Pestinhas

    Mozambique - Nildo ESSA

  • Kwezi

    South Africa - Loyiso MKIZE, Clyde BEECH