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Hop! Media Group

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Reserve a meeting with Sharon Moverman between Friday 29th May and Wednesday 10th June to meet her Tuesday 16th June between 4:00-6:00 pm (Central European Time - CET).

Come and discover the project and programs sought by Hop! Media Group.

What is your editorial strategy?

Hop! Media Group is the owner and operator of four children's channels in Israel: Hop!, Luli, Israeli Childhood and WIZ, and is a market leader with the largest share of preschool viewings and a strong digital presence. Creating and curating content for 20 years, Hop! is synonym with high quality and thrilling content, good nurturing values and a safe environment, and is instrumental in building and maintaining leading preschool brands in the territory. We apply a meticulous screening and evaluation process and cherry pick content to ensure it matches our channels' unique DNA, echoes children's inner world and reflects their everyday routines, challenges and experiences at home and at kindergarten or school.

What type of projects/programs are you looking for?

We are always in the market for shows that are entertaining and fun with an added value – whether social, emotional or curriculum based. Distinctive shows with strong visuals can draw us in but they also need to have strong characters and storylines and to be relatable and engaging to make the cut. We are also currently on the lookout for shows with heroines and a balanced representation of girls (in numbers, characters and traits) as well as shows that address the times and current realities and challenges (the environment, media literacy and more).


  • Sharon MOVERMAN
    Sharon MOVERMAN

    VP of Acquisitions and International Operations