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The aaa Appointments

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The atelier de cinéma d’animation d’Annecy invites the Annecy locals to experience immersion and discovery sessions, open to all!

For 30 years the atelier de cinéma d’animation d’Annecy has been holding workshops all year round for all ages, but also during the Festival week! For this occasion you can find the aaa in the four corners of the city, from Les Nemours cinema at the square de l’Évêché, passing through the association’s premises.

Each year, the morning Coffee & Croissants rustled up by Alexis Hunot will be on offer at Les Nemours cinema on Tuesday 11th to Saturday 15th June from 9:15 am. Come and start your day with conferences, discussions and screenings in the presence of industry professionals. The 2019 edition will welcome the prominent Jérémy Clapin, Director of the feature film I Lost My Body, in competition at the Festival this year, and also Ilan Nguyên, a Japanese animation specialist. A second theater will be devoted to Kids Screenings with an animation film programming dedicated to children.

If you are more of a hands-on person, the International Workshops are free and open to the general public on Tuesday 11th to Friday 14th June, from 2:00 pm- 5:00 pm at the square de l'Évêché. Time for fun and creativity where you can either participate in making an animation film or in creating the audio with Composer Yan Volsy.

In addition to these gatherings the aaa also propose three exhibitions:

- L'Île des lettres et des images, 10th to 15th June: Le Mikado, cinéma Novel

- BAB (Biennial of Animation Bratislava), 10th to 15th June: Les Nemours cinema

- Workshop BIBIANA, 10th to 15th June: Studio aaa, Maison Gallo

And, if the budding animator that has awakened in you wants to find out more, get down to the aaa premises on Saturday 15th June from 2:00-500 pm for the Open day!

Download the detailed programme so you don’t miss any of these creative events.