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Spotlight on the 2018 projects

Coup de projecteur
  1. Feature Film Project
  2. Short Film Project
  3. TV Series & Specials Project
  4. Interactive Creations & Transmedia Project


A year after the Mifa Pitch sessions, here's news about the development of some of the projects presented.

Feature Film Project

The Panda Project

The Panda Project

Project Leader: Grégoire Gensollen
Director: Clément Langlais
France – Belgium (possibly Canada)

What do you remember from your participation at the Mifa Pitches?
We had some very exciting meetings during the Pitches, with sales agents, French and international co-producers, animation studios and some broadcasters. The format is very efficient because you can present the concept and visuals of your project to a professional audience. This helps you accelerate the process of looking for partners, especially due to the very international aspect of our project.
We also found everything particularly interesting surrounding the actual Mifa Pitch sessions, as well as the actual Market, there were dinners, cocktails and conferences that enabled us to have an overall vision of the entire animation market.
We would have liked to have had more time to see some films, so we will come back for that!

What is your project’s current status?
We have made very good progress establishing the structure for co-producing the film, between the filming locations, the co-producers’ countries, the choice of the animation studio and the production partners.
We should have our entire budget between now and the end of the year. This has enabled us to consolidate our co-production agreements and organize our financing so production can start between now and next summer.

A last word about your participation at the Mifa Pitches?
Everything about it is very positive, don’t hesitate to go! I believe that it is indispensable for any professional wishing to have a career in animation to be at the Mifa, and most importantly to be able to present your project and get it on the right tracks.

Short Film Project

Christopher at Sea

Christopher at Sea

Project leader, Director: Tom CJ Brown
Mifa Pitch Partner Prizes 2018: Arte France Prize & Ciclic Prize

What do you remember from this Mifa Pitch experience?
The Mifa Pitch sessions were the perfect place to show my ideas and refocus them around my film. Presenting abstract thoughts to a room of 300 people really helped me define exactly what I was trying to say, what my film was about, and how I was going to say it. It was great to share those ideas with a large group of people and hear their feedback. I wish I’d worn shorter socks and longer shorts. It was very inspiring to present my work alongside other projects and I’m excited to see their progression too.

What’s your project’s current status?
We are finalizing funding for the project and are in full pre-production with design and storyboards in preparation for production to take place at Ciclic in May 2019.

What was the contribution to the development of the project from the partners that awarded you the prizes?
We have worked extensively with Arte to finalize the script, taking into account their comments and feedback, which has also helped us to hone our ideas more precisely thus enabling the film to secure further funding. Production at the Ciclic residency next year is such an incredible opportunity and without their involvement and support I'm not sure how I could make this film.

A few words about your experience at the Mifa Pitches?
Annecy Festival has been a constant source of inspiration throughout my career, when I first attended the festival as a student in 2003 it showed me what independent animation was and what it could be, I dreamed of screening my films here. In 2007 I won the Award for Best Graduation Film with t.o.m., and I came back for the 10th time in 2015 to see my film Teeth win the Fipresci Award.
So, to present my film Christopher at Sea at the Mifa Pitches on my 13th visit to the festival was a great joy. Without the funding I secured through the Mifa Pitches I would never have been able to get this film made. I will never stop loving this town and the freaks who come to the animation festival.

More info
I will be adding updates and info throughout production onto my website.

TV Series & Specials Project

L’Arbre à Palimpseste

The Tree of Palimpsest

Project leader: Ingrid Agbo
Directors: Ingrid Agbo and Sacha Perrin-Bayard
Togo – France
Mifa Pitches Partner Prizes 2018: Gulli Award

What do you remember from your Mifa Pitches participation?
The selection of The Tree of Palimpsest at the Mifa Pitches was a decisive turning point for the project. The visibility that the Market gave it to animation professionals reaffirmed our process, but also made us realize the necessity to upgrade the series by improving the quality of our animation technical choices. We had some very promising encounters, one of which was pivotal to the project.

What’s your project’s current status?
The search for funding is still underway. Since the Pitch session in Annecy the improvements have resulted in an animation series that is more costly to produce. Which, in absolute terms is wonderful, and the substantial budget will be a driving force for The Tree of Palimpsest to establish itself on the international animation market. This is the shared target for all partners involved in this project.

How has the partner award helped in the development of your project?
Following the Pitch session Gulli, the television channel, announced the pre-purchase of the project. Discussions were already under way, from the project selection at DISCOP Johannesburg, for the Animation du Monde Mifa Pitch session. They are a privileged partner that have given immense credibility to our project. Gulli, via Maud Branly, was one of the first broadcasters to trust us, even though we were all aware that there were upgrades to make to the project. This relationship of trust continues to grow along with the project’s evolution in quality.

A few words about taking part in the Mifa Pitches?
"Le Festival d’Annecy is the place to be!" This is something an animation professional told me two years ago. Beyond the meetings at the Market, the Pitch sessions remain a very important exercise to gauge your project alongside the multiple films and projects offered by the Festival. It’s a genuine springboard.

For more information

Noah’s Tree

Project leaders: Péter Vácz, Gábor Osváth
Director: Péter Vácz

What do you remember from your participation at the Mifa Pitches?
At Annecy, we had a promising meeting with Jean-François Le Corre, producer from the French animation society Vivement Lundi!, who produced This Magnificent Cake and the children’s series Dimitri. After Annecy we signed a contract with Vivement Lundi!, who became our French co-producer and in September 2018 we pitched Noah’s Tree together at the Cartoon Forum.

What’s your project’s current status?
We have a French co-producer and are currently in discussion with a third partner. With Vivement Lundi! we will submit a request to the Creative Europe Funds in November, and also for Ciclic the animation residence at the beginning of 2019. Also, we will receive the decision from Hungary’s Funds for Short Films in February.

A few words about your experience at the Mifa Pitches?
It is hard work but really wonderful to be able to pitch your project to a large audience, but it is important not to have very high expectations. You may not receive any offers during the Mifa, but people can always find you later, you never know. I pitched Noah’s Tree four times (Visegrad Animation Forum, Annecy Mifa, Cartoon Forum and Animarkt Stop Motion Forum). What’s important is to keep presenting your project until the right person comes along.

For more information
Péter Vácz website
Péter Vácz Facebook Page

Interactive Creations & Transmedia Project



Project leader: François Klein
Director: Thomas Villepoux
Mifa Pitch Partner Prize 2018: SACD "Interactive Works" Prize

What do you remember from your participation at the Mifa Pitches?
To pitch Jailbirds at Annecy was a unique opportunity and it is probably the ideal location to present a narrative project in virtual reality animation. The support and advice that we had whilst preparing the pitch was extremely useful for confirming the literary orientation and the artistic choices for filming. After our pitch we met several economic stakeholders who were keen to follow the evolution of our project.

What’s your project’s current status?
We are in the process of finalizing the artistic evolution of the characters’ design. We are also developing the production workflow between the various multimedia creation studios and have been able to pitch the project to Venise Gap-Financing Market, where we met some serious investors as well as a Belgian animation studio wanting to assist us in doing the project. So now we are looking at a co-production between France, Belgium, Canada and the USA.

What was the contribution to the development of the project from the partner that awarded you the prize?
The SACD "Interactive Works" Prize gave us important credibility concerning the viability of the screenplay and of the multi-support offshoot of the same animation project.

A few words on your participation in the Mifa Pitches?
The Mifa Pitches formula provided at Annecy is extremely interesting. It enables you support for preparing your pitch, whilst taking advantage of the Market to meet future contractors and talents. The Mifa Pitch sessions also show a diverse selection of interesting projects using different arts and animation techniques.