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 Programme 2018

The Festival and Beyond!

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  • Sound Creation Workshop for an Animated Film, Proposed by France.TV

    France Télévisions is holding a sound creation workshop that is aimed at youngsters from the age of 8 to 12 years old for an animated film that will be screened in the open air in the courtyard of the Château d'Annecy.

    Wednesday 13 June 14:30 → 15:30 - La Turbine

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  • The Best "Off" French VR

    Deceive your senses by testing virtual reality!

    Sunday 10 June 14:00 → 18:00 - Bonlieu Salle de création

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  • CANAL+ Plans Big for the Little Ones!

    Families and festival attendees can come and see CANAL+ members of staff on Saturday 16th June in order to take home designed postcards and lollipops!

    Saturday 16 June 11:00 → 18:30 - Le Pâquier

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  • Tribal Percussion's Musical Meanders

    Join the dance and shake to the sound of the batacuda in the streets of Annecy!

    Saturday 9 June 14:30 → 16:30 - Le Pâquier

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  • aaa Appointments

    Take part in the appointments of the Atelier de cinéma d’animation d’Annecy et de Haute-Savoie (aaa) during the week of the Festival!

    Monday 11 June → Saturday 16 June, 09:15 → 17:00

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  • A Masterclass with the Composer Patrick Sigwalt

    Take part in a masterclass with the composer Patrick Sigwalt on Friday 15th June at 10:00 am in the Conservatoire à rayonnement régional d'Annecy in a meeting that combines music and cinema.

    Friday 15 June 10:00 → 12:00

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  • On aura tout vu - France Inter

    Christine Masson and Laurent Delmas are back at the Annecy Festival for the live recording of their programme "On aura tout vu".

    Friday 15 June 15:25 → 16:25 - Impérial Palace Salle de l'Europe

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  • Prizewinners and even more...for adults

    Experience the best of the Annecy Festival on Sunday 17th June with the prizewinner screenings for adults!

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  • Prizewinners and even more...for everyone

    Experience the best of the Annecy Festival on Sunday 17th June with the prizewinner screenings open to everyone!

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  • Feature film prizewinner

    The Festival presents what the selectors and juries regard as the crème de la crème of the Festival in the exceptional screening of the feature film prizewinner on Sunday 17th June!

    Sunday 17 June 18:30 → 20:00 - Bonlieu Grande salle

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  • Par Jupiter! – France Inter

    The famous team from France Inter's "Par Jupiter!" are returning to Annecy for their live programme recorded in the heart of Annecy!

    Friday 15 June 17:00 → 18:00 - Impérial Palace Salle de l'Europe

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  • Performance Tribal Percussions

    A rhythmic performance set to the sound of Brazil for the introduction of the film "The Boy and the World".

    Monday 11 June 21:30 → 21:50 - Le Pâquier

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  • A Souvenir of Your Own Image!

    Make the most of the Annecy Festival to take a photo in a unique setting!

    Tuesday 12 June → Thursday 14 June, 10:00 → 19:00 - Bonlieu Forum

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  • A Photo With Your Heroes!

    CANAL+ is offering you a photo on a magnet with your favourite animated characters!

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    Ice cream will be handed out to everyone!

    Thursday 14 June 15:00 → 16:00 - Le Pâquier

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