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 Programme 2018

  • Lighting and Effects for "Richard the Stork" / "Babylon Berlin" - Complex Crowd Simulations

    RISE took up the task of creating effects and rendering almost 500 shots for the Animated Feature Film “Richard the Stork”. Besides giving an overview of RISE’s Houdini and Mantra based lighting pipeline, Simon will showcase the various effects created for the movie, including the final cave collapse.

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  • Latest Developments in Pixar's RenderMan

    It's the 30th Anniversary of RenderMan.

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  • VR Sculpting Battle with Oculus Medium

    Oculus Medium is a VR creative tool that lets you quickly sculpt and paint digital assets.

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  • What Will Be the Role of AR/VR Content in the Audiovisual Landscape of the Future?

    Orange aims to explore the emerging market of immersive technologies by using the Orange VR Experience application.

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