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Anime Tamago

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Discover the pilot episodes of Japanese series made as part of the "Anime Tamago" training programme.

The Young Animator Training Project is popularly known as Anime Tamago, which means "animated eggs". Launched by the Japanese Ministry of Culture in 2010, it has the objective of helping animation studios to train young animators and to breathe life into new productions. Thus, the project aims to encourage and improve creative content linked to animation in Japan. Originally known as Project A, then Anime Mirai, its name changed again in 2016 to Anime Tamago once its contents had developed.

The work in this programme has been made based on short and original animation projects by Japanese animation production studios, and selected and produced for Anime Tamago. Four screenings will be shown for you: Charanpo Land no Bouken, Red Ash –GEARWORLD–, Genba pas Jo and Zunda Horizon.

From a supernatural tale and fantasy stories to a gastronomic adventure, go on a discovery of this collection of 4 anime that are 100% Japanese!