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The Launch of Pearl Studio: From the Himalayas to the Moon!

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Come learn what's coming from Pearl Studio with director Glen Keane, director Jill Culton and Pearl CCO Peilin Chou.

Having previously co-produced worldwide blockbuster "KUNG FU PANDA 3", Pearl Studio is new in name, but not in experience, expertise, or achievement in the realm of global animation.

Join esteemed filmmakers GLEN KEANE and JILL CULTON as each share their experiences directing Pearl Studio worldwide release films currently in production!

Includes a sneak peek at upcoming films & projects


  • Jill CULTON
    Jill CULTON

    Director of Abominable

  • Glen KEANE
    Glen KEANE

    Director of Over the Moon

  • Peilin CHOU
    Peilin CHOU

    Chief Creative Officer
    Pearl Studio