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Instrumentarium (Annecy Classics)

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Discover how music and images are intimately linked in animated films.

With Annecy Classics, the Festival is paying tribute to timeless films which have made an impact on the history of animation. These screenings are the opportunity for reminding us about the journey of brilliant directors, highlighting the avant-garde techniques in animation, putting a focus on emotional storylines, and celebrating key events. Take a break and rediscover the great animated classics!

This programme, presented by the CNC, reveals several short films illustrating the symbiosis between images and sound for conveying timeless films. You will subsequently get up close with this sensitive balance between image and sound. During this screening, the audience will be free to imagine a melody and dialogue of the film The Music Lesson, by Segundo de Chomón.

Spontaneity and imagination feature in this musical film screening!



  • La Leçon de musique

    France - Segundo DE CHOMON

  • Maggi : Opéra boeuf

    France - Bernard LEMOINE, Henri COLPI

  • L'Entrée des gladiateurs

    Switzerland - Charles BLANC-GATTI

  • A Colour Box

    United Kingdom - Len LYE

  • Une nuit sur le mont Chauve

    France - Alexandre ALEXEIEFF, Claire PARKER

  • Necchi : Machine à coudre : Zig-zag

    France - Bernard LEMOINE

  • Colour, Sound, Forms

    USA - Jonathan WILKIE

  • Ligne de vie

    France - Peter KASSOVITZ

  • Eneri

    USA - Hy HIRSH

  • Scandale : Gaine : Intermezzo

    France - Bernard LEMOINE

  • L'Idée

    France - Berthold BARTOSCH

  • Bambi Meets Godzilla

    Canada - Marv NEWLAND