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Pop Rock (Music and Animated Movies)

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It is the turn of pop rock music to show its best riffs in this exclusive retrospective!

Allow the ear to see and the eye to hear! Music in animation is the second theme to be honoured during the 2018 Festival. It was essential for Marcel Jean, artistic director, "to give the chance to composers to speak, allocate them an important place in the Festival programme, and allow the public and professionals to meet each other". The musical world of animation will thus be explored throughout this week of festivities!

Made up of alternating music videos and individual films established around popular songs, this programme proposes a wide variety of techniques and aesthetics. You will be able to find Michael Gondry, the most famous of animators to have made it big thanks to the video clip, as well discovering how some directors, such as Darcy Prendergast and Jonas Odell, have been able to create unique work despite the constraints of the music video. This screening will also demonstrate how the song can offer a concise and efficient means of expression to visionary directors, such as Patrick Bouchard, Steve Cutts, and Noémie Marsily among others...

This is a screening with rhythm that will delight fans of work combining animation and popular music!



  • The Velvet Underground Played at My High School

    USA - Robert PIETRI, Anthony JANNELLI

  • Tout écartillé

    Canada - André LEDUC

  • J'ai encore rêvé d'elle

    France - Geoffroy BARBET-MASSIN

  • Gotye "Easy Way Out"

    Australia - Darcy PRENDERGAST

  • Millhaven

    Poland - Bartek KULAS

  • Radiohead "There, There"

    United Kingdom - Chris HOPEWELL

  • Autour du lac

    Belgium - Carl ROOSENS, Noémie MARSILY

  • Franz Ferdinand "Take Me Out"

    United Kingdom - Jonas ODELL

  • Dehors novembre

    Canada - Patrick BOUCHARD

  • Steriogram "Walkie Talkie Man"

    France - Michel GONDRY

  • Moby "Are You Lost in the World Like Me?"

    USA, United Kingdom - Steve CUTTS

  • Invasion

    France - Hugo RAMIREZ, Olivier PATTÉ

  • Björk "Mutual Core"

    Iceland - Andrew HUANG