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De Visu (Music and Animated Movies)

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Enter into the world of visual music's undisputed legends.

Allow the ear to see and the eye to hear! Music in animation is the second theme to be honoured during the 2018 Festival. It was essential for Marcel Jean, artistic director, "to give the chance to composers to speak, allocate them an important place in the Festival programme, and allow the public and professionals to meet each other".

The musical world of animation will thus be explored throughout this week of festivities!

This programme brings together around ten modern-day experiments in which directors worked closely with music as they aimed to reproduce structures just as much as tones with lignes, colours and shapes. The diversified collection presents different techniques, such as the audacious use of medical imagery in Recordare, the printing of plants directly on the film reel in Feuerhaus, synchronisation of ink stains with music in Virtuos Virtuell, and the choreography of light signals and techno music in Zounk!.

Are you looking for a screening in which abstract performance and emotions that have been heightened by the rhythm of music are the order of the day? This programme is made for you!



  • Virtuos Virtuell

    Germany - Thomas STELLMACH, Maja OSCHMANN

  • Feuerhaus

    Germany - Bärbel NEUBAUER

  • Recordare

    Italy - Leonardo CARRANO, Alessandro PIERATTINI

  • Bru Ha Ha!

    Canada - Steven WOLOSHEN

  • Electronic Performers

    France - Arnaud GANZERLI, Laurent BOURDOISEAU, Jérôme BLANQUET

  • Angeli

    Denmark - Lejf MARCUSSEN

  • Fugue

    Switzerland - Georges SCHWIZGEBEL

  • Bildfenster / Fensterbilder

    Germany - Bert GOTTSCHALK

  • Zounk!

    Austria - Billy ROISZ

  • Tower Bawher

    Canada - Theodore USHEV