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Classical (Music and Animated Movies)

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Come along to this event with the composers Chopin, Bach, Corelli, Satie and Prokofiev set to a backdrop of animated images!

Allow the ear to see and the eye to hear! Music in animation is the second theme to be honoured during the 2018 Festival. It was essential for Marcel Jean, artistic director, "to give the chance to composers to speak, allocate them an important place in the Festival programme, and allow the public and professionals to meet each other".

The musical world of animation will thus be explored throughout this week of festivities! We have lost count of the animated films that have been inspired by the great classic music scores. This screening is the opportunity to observe the extent to which classical music composers have fed the visual imagination of great artists in animation such as Zdenko Gašparović, Norman McLaren, Kōji Yamamura, Patrick Bouchard, to name but a few.

Music intrinsically conveys images, and this programme is an invitation for you to be charmed by the interpretation of famous musical pieces by animators. Treat yourself!



  • Jeu

    Canada, Switzerland - Georges SCHWIZGEBEL

  • Impromptu


  • "Parade" de Satie

    Japan - Koji YAMAMURA

  • Le Moine et le Poisson

    France - Michaël DUDOK DE WIT

  • Spheres

    Canada - Norman MCLAREN, René JODOIN

  • Carnival of Animals

    Czech Republic - Michaela PAVLÁTOVÁ

  • Satiemania

    Croatia - Zdenko GASPAROVIC

  • Bydlo

    Canada - Patrick BOUCHARD