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Brazilian Animated Commissioned Works (Tribute to Brazilian Animation)

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A panorama of commissioned works in Brazil during the last 100 years.

Brazilian animation is honoured all week in order to bring to our attention the country's cultural energy, particularly in terms of its cinema. The quality of its films has been recognised on several occasions at the Annecy Festival. As Marcel Jean, artistic director, points out, "we want to show how this major territory is a powerful spring of creativity and to show how Brazilian animators have been inspired by it in order to establish an unusual and striking expression."

Originally considered as the only way for Brazilian animators to survive, the commercial attractiveness and effectiveness of advertising has gradually increased. It enabled the production of animated content to become viable and for animators to create their own series. However, this does not imply that the status of Brazilian advertising in animation diminished. As there are now more resources, the storylines, circumstances and formats offer more room for animators to create compared to the traditional 30 seconds of an advertisement on television.

In this programme, music videos, institutional film and content on the Internet supplement a panorama of what the Brazilian market currently contributes to animators' creativity.

This is a history lesson that will keep you enthralled!


  • Fábrica de emoções

    Brazil - Gabriel NOBREGA

  • MTV Sex

    Brazil, USA - Mateus DE PAULA SANTOS

  • Mix Brasil

    Brazil - Mateus DE PAULA SANTOS

  • NSPCC "Pete's Story"

    United Kingdom - Daniel BRUSON

  • Bass Awards

    Brazil - Mateus DE PAULA SANTOS

  • The World of Autism

    Brazil, USA - Guilherme MARCONDES

  • D&AD "Wish You Were Here?"

    Brazil - Mateus DE PAULA SANTOS, Loic DUBOIS

  • Endangered Love

    Brazil - Diogo KALIL, Mateus DE PAULA SANTOS