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Brazilian TV Series (Tribute to Brazilian Animation)

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Embark on a discovery of Brazilian animated TV series.

Brazilian animation is honoured all week in order to bring to our attention the country's cultural energy, particularly in terms of its cinema. The quality of its films has been recognised on several occasions at the Annecy Festival. As Marcel Jean, artistic director, points out, "we want to show how this major territory is a powerful spring of creativity and to show how Brazilian animators have been inspired by it in order to establish an unusual and striking expression".

It was only 10 years ago when the production of animated television series encountered a significant expansion on Brazilian screens. In the 1960s, while only American and Japanese characters were shown on TV programmes in Brazil, nowadays the heroes of Brazilian children are Brazilian and they also enjoy other cultures! The selection offered to you will take you into the world of 10 series aimed at both children and adults, from the discovery of the world in the eyes of a 6 year-old girl in Vivi Vivarento to the adventures of heroes in the most dangerous places in the galaxy in The Adventures of Fujiwara.

Discover what might be your next favourite series!


  • Historietas assombradas (para crianças malcriadas) : Unicórnias Princesas

    Brazil - Victor-Hugo BORGES

  • O Surreal Mundo de Any Malu

    Brazil - Fernando MENDONÇA

  • Oswaldo - Ação & Games

    Brazil - Pedro EBOLI, Antônio LINHARES

  • O Show da Luna!

    Brazil - Celia CATUNDA, Kiko MISTRORIGO

  • As aventuras de Fujiwara Manchester : Poesia em movimento

    Brazil - Alê CAMARGO, Camila CARROSSINE

  • Mônica Toy "Dança dos toys"

    Brazil - Mauricio DE SOUSA

  • Meu AmigãoZão - 2ª temporada -

    Brazil - Andrés LIEBAN

  • Vivi Viravento

    Brazil - Priscilla KELLEN

  • Howdy Harrdy

    USA, Brazil - Henrique Padovan LIRA

  • Quebrando Gelo" - Osmar, a Primeira Fatia do Pão de Forma

    Brazil - Ale MCHADDO