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Lionceau et les Lucioles
Lioncub and the Fireflies

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Lioncub loves to get up at dawn and go and look for his friends, the fireflies, who help wake up his parents with music. Hurry up! Because he wants the music-making to coincide with the awakening of the greatest firefly of all: the sun!

Award in Annecy

  • Ciclic Prize (2018)

The film

  • Film identity

    Original title: Lionceau et les Lucioles

    Directed by: Eloic GIMENEZ

    Country: France

    Running time: 05 min × 26 episodes

  • Technique

    Category: TV series and specials

    Techniques used: 2D computer

    Target public: Preschool

  • Credits

    Directed by: Eloic GIMENEZ

    Production: GIRELLE PRODUCTION, Christophe CAMOIRANO

    Script writer: Eloic GIMENEZ

    Graphic designer: Olesya SHCHUKINA

    Composer: Eloic GIMENEZ