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3D Charactor Animator: A Career of the Future, Sponsored by the GOBELINS-CITIA Pedagogical Partnership

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GOBELINS and CITIA offer training programmes for 3D character animation professions.

In order to respond to the rising demands of the French and international markets, GOBELINS, l'école de l'image, and CITIA have been teaming up for 7 years now to offer training possibilities to young and not so young students looking for a career in 3D character animation (layout artists, crowd animator, previz, cartoon or realistic animator, quadruped animator, etc.). These professions remain rather secretive – people underestimate their significant added creative value. Come and discover by listening to testimonies of students and industry professionals who participate in this training programme offered by GOBELINS and CITIA.


  • Moïra MARGUIN
    Moïra MARGUIN

    Directrice du dpt Animation