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Canal J, les Espoirs de l'Animation

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Les Espoirs de l’Animation gave aspiring filmmakers a unique chance to express themselves around the topic "The Connected Generation: Digital Natives".

Set up by CANAL J, TiJi and Gulli, Les Espoirs de l’Animation is a partnership that has been going on since 2002 with animation schools all over France (La Poudrière in Valence, l’école Émile Cohl in Lyon, l’EMCA in Angoulême, l’ESAAT in Roubaix, l’école Estienne in Paris and Supinfocom Rubika in Valenciennes) for a fun and educational project: Giving students an immersive professional experience by giving them commissioned work. All of the films made will be put to a vote from children as well as a jury of professionals.

For this 16th Les Espoirs de l’Animation competition, 41 short films were made by around a hundred students in the one-month timespan they were given. The students were able to choose the channel they would be collaborating with, therefore choosing their target audience. In response to this year’s theme of "The Connected Generation: Digital Natives", the young filmmakers let their imaginations and creativity run wild, while abiding to certain criteria, such as the chosen channel’s editorial line: "comedy" for Gulli, "action-adventure" for CANAL J and "edutainment" for TiJi.

Sponsored for the first time by the CSA’s Observatoire éducation et medias and in partnership with the SPFA, the CNC and the SACE, the winners of Les Espoirs de l’Animation will receive both an audience and jury award after a week of screenings.

The prizewinners will be announced during the Festival on 15th June (website in French only)

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