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Midnight Specials: WTF programme

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Come over to the dark side with the WTF Programme and its outrageous selection of shorts!

Subversive, shocking, embarrassing and controversial, soak up the Midnight Special experience with the WTF Programme that brings together seventeen of the craziest short films around!

You’ll be able to find the sweetly awkward Hi Stranger with its randy little clay character; the famous scene from Lady and the Tramp revamped in How to Have a Romantic Date; the embarrassing outing of a man and his dog in Walking the Dog; the blood-filled family drama of Hi, It’s Your Mother, or even the extraordinary interview between two zombies and a journalist Less Than Human.

Once the lights go down in the theatre, let yourself get caught up in the WTF-ness of this programme.


  • Hi Stranger

    USA - Kirsten LEPORE

  • Less than Human

    Denmark - Steffen Bang LINDHOLM

  • Eye Love You

    USA - Nikiel SUCHIT

  • Steven Goes to the Park

    Belgium - Claudia CORTÉS ESPEJO

  • NSFWhale


  • The Absence of Eddy Table

    Norway - Rune SPAANS

  • Five O'Clock

    Kazakhstan - Ural MACHIYANOV

  • Den` NLO

    Russia - Vladimir SAKHNOVSKY

  • Scavengers

    USA - Charles HUETTNER, Joseph BENNETT

  • Wally Cheeseburger 2

    USA - Michael CARLO

  • It's a Date

    USA - Zachary ZEZIMA

  • Coyanuscocksee

    Canada - Gary YE

  • The Wind-Ups - Plastic Instinct

    Spain, France - Irene CHICA, Isabel CHICA

  • Hi, It's Your Mother

    Canada - Daniel STERLIN-ALTMAN

  • How to Have a Romantic Date

    Netherlands - Joost LIEUWMA

  • Walkin the Dog

    United Kingdom - Tommy ROBIN

  • Safety Tips with Captain Tardigrade!

    USA - Ian MILLER