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Midnight Specials: Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted 40th Anniversary Show

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In order to celebrate its 40th anniversary, Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Animation Program/Festival will unveil a brand-new show for the Annecy audience.

A pillar of the animation scene since 1977, Spike and Mike’s Sick & Twisted Animation Program/Festival is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

At the helm of an original empire, the festival creators took on all the responsibilities to independently run their cottage industry. From production to promotion to distribution, there’s not a domain these guys haven’t mastered.

Gifted with an impressive nose for talent, Spike and Mike’s show has theatrically premiered a who’s who list of animation industry giants such as John Lasseter, Pete Docter, Tim Burton, Brad Bird, Nick Park, Chris Wedge, Kenn Navarro, Marv Newland, just to name a few.

A strong advocate and admirer of Spike and Mike’s work, John Lasseter (Toy Story, Cars, A Bug’s Life, etc.) has nothing but praise for their festival: "Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation gives audiences the only opportunity to view the wonderful art form of the animated short film. [It] also gives animators and filmmakers a chance they normally never get in the film industry."


  • Spike Intro

    USA - Melissa VASHE

  • The Hangnail

    USA - Shane ACKER

  • Animation vs Animator 1

    USA - Alan BECKER

  • The Two Minute Itch

    USA - Eric FAVELA

  • Captain Awesome: The Rumble in the Concrete Jungle


  • Beyond Grandpa

    USA - Breehn John BURNS, Jason JOHNSON

  • The Ghost of Stephen Foster

    USA - Raymond PERSI, Matthew NASTUK

  • Brainless

    Spain - Sara BOIX GRAU

  • Beer

    Italy - NERDO

  • Cat's n' Things


  • Frog

    USA - Christopher CONFORTI

  • Quiet Log Time

    USA - Breehn John BURNS

  • Remote

    United Kingdom - Andrew LAVERY, Mathew REES

  • Pigeon: Impossible

    USA - Lucas MARTELL

  • Key Lime Pie

    Canada - Trevor JIMENEZ

  • Cox and Combes/Washington

    USA - Brad NEELY

  • Slug Invasion

    Denmark - Morten HELGELAND

  • E1even Roses

    Canada - Pedram GOSHTASBPOUR

  • Guard Dog


  • Animal Instincts

    Australia - Cameron EDSER, Michael RICHARDS

  • The Saga of Biôrn

    Denmark - Benjamin J. KOUSHOLT

  • Peck Pocketed

    USA - Kevin HERRON

  • Honda "Paper"

    USA - PES

  • 12 Days of Elves 1-15