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Annecy Classics: Bozzetto non Troppo

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With "Bozzetto non troppo", Marco Bonfanti invites us into the world of animation maestro Bruno Bozzetto.

With over 300 shorts and features to his name, Bruno Bozzetto is a legend in the world of animation. For over 50 years the Italian’s impressive talent has been consistently winning him countless accolades including an Oscar nomination and a Golden Bear. Bozzettto is considered to be an animation genius, mentioned in the same breath as other greats like Hayao Miyazaki, John Lasseter, Nick Park or Matt Groening, and his animated characters have served as inspiration for the design of the new generation of Disney•Pixar productions among others. Usually referred to as "maestro", he has left his mark through the resolutely satirical and political tone of his creations. His major work remains to this day Allegro non troppo (1976), which is reminiscent of Disney’s legendary Fantasia, with its animated sequences set to classical music.

A big fan since the very beginning, Bozzetto’s talent has always amazed, fascinated and inspired director Marco Bonfanti. Driven by a real desire to bring his work to life, Bonfanti made the animated documentary Bozzetto non troppo to take us into the filmmaker’s day-to-day life.

Shown at the 73rd Venice international film festival, Bozzetto non troppo talks about the filmmaker’s world for the first time and presents his family, friends, inspirations and a whole lot more.

Climb aboard for a fascinating and unique journey into the life of this animation myth, who is featured in the special programme entitled Annecy Classics.


"Short Cuts" Arte Court-circuit

As an opener to this Annecy Classics special programme, discover an animated short based on a classic film and made as part of "Short Cuts" from Arte’s Court-circuit: Short Cuts "Luchino Visconti’s The Leopard", animated by Marie de Lapparent.

Short cuts


  • Short cuts "Le guépard de Luchino Visconti"

    France - Marie DE LAPPARENT

  • Bozzetto non Troppo

    Italy - Marco BONFANTI